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Vehicle Maintenance

The Limitless Car Refresh Valet is designed to bring your car back to life by removing as much dirt as possible with just one wash. We remove dirt from all door sills, grills and hard to get at crevices. We also give the interior an extensive clean to remove all dirt and eliminate any odours that may have built up over time. This wash is also ideal if you are looking to sell your car and will help you get the best possible resale price.


  • Water based degreaser is applied to wheels and lower sills. This will then be removed using the pressure washer. The wheel arches will also be sprayed down to remove any dirt build up.

  • All the faces of the wheels will be cleaned.

  • The inner wheel rims are cleaned using a wheel detailing brush.

  • The car will then be pre-washed using Snow Foam to reduce surface contamination before contact wash

  • It will be thoroughly rinsed to remove any dirt that could be sitting of the surface

  • Next we will then clean with a microfibre noodle mitt and warm water

  • The car will then be rinsed

  • Then the vehicle will be dried using microfibre cloths

  • For cars that have a tendency to hold water in inaccessible areas, the airline will be used to blow out the water

  • The wheels will be dried using microfibre cloths

  • They will then have a tyre safe dressing applied to them


  • The whole car will be vacuumed

  • The air vents will then be detailed

  • Every window will be thoroughly cleaned

  • All surfaces will be wiped

This wash will take approximately 2 hours.


Paint Correction

The condition of the paintwork and finish determines your first impression of a car. Paint correction is the process of restoring the paintwork to its original glory, by removing any visible defects such as scratches and swirl-marks in the clear coat – without having to repaint the car.
Swirl marks and scratches which can be removed are ingrained into the clear coat of the paint. They are most commonly caused by poor washing or drying techniques. For example, in a cheap car wash, washing mitts or microfibre cloths pick up dirt and then wash or dry your car with dirt on the mitt or microfiber cloth, this will create swirl marks and light scratches all over the car, as they may not be changed on a regular basis. If this happens on a regular basis the swirl marks will be very evident to the human eye and will require paint correction to remove these.
There are multiple levels of Paint Correction. The higher the level, the higher percentage of swirls and scratches that will be removed. This is achieved by using different grades of polish which require more time the higher the level you choose.
All our levels of paint correction will come with a Vehicle Maintenance Service and a Decontamination to start the process. This is very important so that we can remove as much dirt, grime and tar build up as possible.
For the application of the polish we use a Rupes Bigfoot MK3 Polisher. For the most inaccessible areas, a Rupes iBrid Nano polisher will be used. These are some of the best polishers on the market and will help to achieve the best possible results.
The services comes in three stages depending on the condition of your paint work:

  • One stage polish - to remove light imperfections typically a process carried out on a car less than year of age.

  • Two stage paint correction - two step process, first using the microfibre pad and correction compound, second process is to fine polish to remove the hazing from the first stage.

  • This is for neglected paintwork - DA2000 sanding process is used to remove 10 - 15 microns of clear coat and preparing this for the normal stages above depending on what is then needed.

We also recommend that after you have paint correction you look into having Nano Ceramic coating applied to your paintwork. This will help protect your car and prevent any swirl marks or scratches, keeping your paint looking bright for a much longer period. Please click here to go to the Ceramic Coating section.


Nano Ceramic Coating

Before we apply any layers of Nano Ceramic Coating to your car we recommend you have the necessary some level of Paint Correction carried out on your paint work. The reason for this is because we want the paint work to be in the best possible condition before we apply the coating. It also means that after every wash your car will go back to looking like it did just after it had its paint correction.

Once the car has been Nano Ceramic coated, it will be completely transformed. The paintwork will stay looking bright after every wash, and most importantly your car will stay protected for the forseable future. All the plastics will also look brand new. If you go for more exclusive packages, you will also experience the benefit of the wheels looking brand new after every wash and the interior feeling like a new car every time you get into it.

At Limitless Detailing, we are very proud to use a number of leading Nano Ceramic manufactures as we believe this is the best product on the market. We have coated a huge number of cars and recommend these products to anyone who wants to keep their car looking amazing and most importantly staying protected.

Below is a breakdown of all the levels of Nano Ceramic Coating which we provide. Please note that we apply one coat per product.

Levels of Ceramic Coating


  • Nano Ceramic Polish will be applied over the whole car.

  • The next stage is to apply the Nano Ceramic Coating. This will be applied and buffed panel by panel.

  • The car will then sit under curing lamps for 1 hour before the next stage is applied.

  • The next stage is to coat the car with Nano Ceramic Coating. This will be applied and buffed panel by panel.

  • Nano Ceramic Glass will then be applied to all windows on the car. This will be applied and buffed window by window.

  • Plastics will receive a Nano coating.

  • The car will be left overnight to let the coating cure on the car for the best results


  • Everything in Level 1 plus...

  • The wheels will be removed. They will have a full decontamination on the interior rim of the wheel. They will then be coated using CeramicPro Wheel & Calliper.


  • Everything in Level 2 plus...

  • All the leathers parts of the car will be coated with Nano Ceramic Coating Leather. This will include all the seats, door cards and dashboard (if leather). We will also put multiple coats on hard wearing areas as we know that these are prone to damage (seat bolsters and door cards).

  • All the interior plastics will be coated as well.


  • Everything in Level 3 plus...

  • Before the wheels go back on the car, all the wheel arches will be coated with the appropriate Nano Ceramic product.

  • The car will also be raised in the air and the under carriage will be coated as well.

Interior Only

  • All the leathers of car will be coated with CeramicPro Leather. This will include all the seats, door cards and dashboard (if leather). We will also put multiple coats on the hard wearing areas as we know that these are prone to damage (seat bolsters and door cards).

  • All the plastics will be coasted as well.


Paint Protection Film


Protecting the paintwork on your vehicle with Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an essential consideration when you take into account all that PPF has to offer:

  • Enhances the paint on the car giving it a shiny and polished look

  • Protects your vehicle from damage (chips, bugs, climate, abrasion)

  • It’s invisible

  • No side effects on your vehicles paintwork

  • Negates the need for an expensive respray

  • Easy to remove

  • Prevents discolouration

  • Cost effective and can even add value to your vehicle

  • Professionally installed

  • Reduces stress and gives peace of mind.

How we apply the PFF to your vehicle:

First we’ll carry out a maintenance wash followed by a clay bar decontamination, then a one stage polish (for front end and full coverage packages only) finishing off with panel surface preparation.

After this we apply the Film using a specially formulated gel solution – using a range of squeegees to ensure that there are no creases or bubbles after application and that no corners or edges of PPF are visible.

What if you get a scratch?

The Paint Protection film that we use is self healing! The film is made of polymer which means when heat  is applied to the scratched area using a hair dryer, heat gun or hot water the film returns to its original state. This process stimulates the memory of the polymer, causing it to return to its original position, making those annoying scratches disappear.


Full Front

  • Full Bonnet

  • Front Bumper

  • Wings and mirrors


Extended Front

  • Full Bonnet

  • Front Bumper

  • Wings

  • Wing Mirrors

  • Rocker Panels (Side Skirts)

  • Rear Bumper Impact Area


Full Body

  • Coverage of all external painted services

  • Coverage of all exterior carbon


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