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The Limitless Detailing Story

Limitless Detailing Logo

Limitless Detailing is the brainchild of Alex Shawo.

Alex wanted his car care services to benefit as many people as he could, so chose a premises with easy access. The atelier is based in Harmondsworth, where the M4 crosses the M25 near Heathrow Airport. Since his very first car Alex realised his passion for maintaining the appearance of his pride and joy but was frustrated by the lack of availability of like-minded detailing companies.

So, in 2017 Limitless Detailing was born, to fill this gap. The philosophy at Limitless Detailing is to offer extremely high levels of service, by utilising the best quality products on the market. Even as the company’s director, Alex’s friendly, personal touch has established a rapport with regular clientele. The team at Limitless Detailing considers it a privilege to see the reaction of car owners as they witness the transformation of their vehicle, whether it be enhanced aesthetics, or even returned to its brand-new state. In addition to paint correction, they offer the cutting-edge technologies of Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF), to keep it looking pristine for much longer.

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